Our company BORSTELA s.r.o. (Ltd.) started the production of tungsten carbide and boroncarbide products. This products are chracterized high hardness, wear resistence amd wide applicability in working media. We offer the products mainly for sliding and sealing applications and for sand blasting wear resistivity parts.

Tungsten carbide (WC) products:

  • seal mechanical rings
  • seats
  • bearing for pumps, compressor and vacuum pumps
  • nozzles for sand blasting
  • inserts
  • vanes for slotting wheels

Boroncarbide (BC4) products:

  • nozzles for sand blasting



The potential of development of the company was created to specialising in progress technical areas:

  • graphite and carbon technology
  • graphite and carbon applications
  • silicium carbide technologies and applications
  • vacuum presure autoclaves for metal and resin impregnation
  • development of thermal conductivity laboratory measurment equipments